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Product Features

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Training Manager 4

Cost Effective Desktop Software for Small
and Medium Sized Businesses

Suggested Retail Price: $1,199 Special Offer: $999

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    Product Features

    An effective Quality System ensures that personnel are competent and qualified for their role. Our Training Manager software helps you to manage the training required and received by each member of your organization

    Employee List

    Displays a complete listing of the employees that have been added to the current database. Quickly locate an employee to review or update a training record.

    Employee Training Record:

    This data-entry form includes built-in and user-definable fields to describe the employee, his job role, and the certifications and training that have been received. Expired certifications are highlighted.

    Advanced Reporting:

    Instantly print the information you are looking at on the screen or generate detailed reports on Employees, Trainings, Roles and Training Events. Reports may also be saved in excel or .pdf formats.


    Employee Roles:

    Assign employees to Roles, then assign those Roles to whatever trainings it requires. Determine what employees have the training needed for a role, and make changes quickly and easily so groups of employees can get the training they need.

    Multi-Language Support:

    Training Manager 4 also now comes with support for 11 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Hebrew


    Attach any type of file to any record in the system. Everything from certifications and resumes attached to employees and training manuals to test results attached to training events. Training Manager 4 is totally inclusive training record management.


    Customizable Fields:

    Tailor the program to use your own terminology. Fields can be added, removed or changed to fit the specific needs of you organization.

    Training Event:

    See upcoming training events and schedule more to prevent employee training certifications from expiring.

    Sorting and Filtering:

    Get a list of upcoming training requirements or personnel certified for a particular job. Filtering capabilities let you pull just about any type of information from the database.

    E-mail Support

    Training Manager 4 now provides native e-mail communication. When scheduling a new training event or updating an existing training it’s now a matter of just a few clicks to send out invitations and updates to all training attendees.

    Online Help and User Manual:

    Training Manager 4 is designed to be as easy to use as possible, but help is always available if it is ever needed.