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Top-3 Employee Training Management & Tracking Software

Top-3 Employee Training Management & Tracking Software

In a business environment, every hour counts. And the hours being spent in the training room are essentially non-productive. Gone are the days when enterprises pull their employees to leave their desks and join the training session physically. Thanks to advanced technology, now employees can take training from the comfort of their homes. All they need to open their smartphones, log in to the credentials, and take the training as per their convenience.

eTraining is no privilege to the large companies, as there are plenty of affordable training management software systems available in the market. This blog will look at the top-3 employee training management and tracking software that deliver effective training to your workforce.

Top-3 Employee Training Management & Tracking Software

All three options presented here are intuitive, easy to use, responsive, and come with stand out features.

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a cloud training management software that is designed to assess employees online. Unlike built-in e-learning platforms, iSpring Learn has capabilities beyond creating and sharing videos. With this software, you can create high-end interactive e-learning with advanced assessment, video lectures, and communication simulation. You can upload a whole training session on this platform in just two clicks. If you are looking for automated corporate training that can improve employee performance, then give it a try to iSpring Learn. The pricing of iSpring Learn starts from $3.66 per active user per month for 100 users. The price varies as per the number of active users.


Docebo is a fully customizable, flexible, and scalable platform that offers companies complete e-learning solutions. Like, it offers a custom analytics page for employees so that they can analyze their own performance. Moreover, it also allows you to add gamification to offer an engaging learning experience to the employees. You can also use drag and drop widgets to design a responsive and compelling page. To make your designing process easier, it also offers ready-made themes that you can simply upload in just one click. In addition to visual customization, Docebo offers extensive localization. You will be glad after knowing it supports 40 languages. Another interesting thing about Docebo is Coach and Share; it’s a solution to informal social learning that encourages creating user-generated content.

Users can take its 14 days free trial to know this software closely. And the annual pricing of Docebo starts from $2,000 and can reach $5000. However, its pricing varies as per the number of learners and features.

HGI Training Manager

The HGI Training Manager deserves to be on your top training management software shortlist. Its technical sophistication, rich features, and neat and clean interface provide a top-notch learning experience. In its rich features, you will get tracking, reporting on employee training, data entry sequence, certification, and qualification for employees. It’s a one-stop solution for the companies who need everything related to employee training in the training management software.

The Training Manager of the HGI has gotten extremely warm reviews from their customers. It’s so easy to install, use, and provide superb customer support. This software lets you check each employee’s complete training history and helps you identify untrained employees. With this software, you can manage all your training requirements in one place.

HGI Training Manager offers you two affordable plans- $1,199 and special plans- $999. If you are looking for the top employee training management software with capabilities beyond employee training, then the HGI Training manager is the right platform for you. It is affordable software for both small and large companies.