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The Principles of Quality Management.

Every organization looks for the best possible way to improve performance, increase profits, and minimize expenses. What better way to ensure that, than making use a quality management system. For companies that are looking to improve the overall performance of their company, the following principles provide a guide in the right direction using quality management systems.

1. Customer focus.

Customer focus should be the first principle in every quality management program. This principle stresses that an organization should be able to understand what is required from their customers. That way they can ensure that customer needs are met along with their expectations. This can increase customer loyalty, revenue, and can reduce waste.

2. Process approach.

This principle stresses efficiency and effectiveness. What it ultimately comes down to is consistency and understanding that a well-established process would be able to improve speed in activities.

3. A systematic approach to better management.

An organization typically focuses on its effort for aligning complementary processes to obtain improved efficiency. This would include multiple processes being managed together in a single system to lead to better productivity.

4. Continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is a principle that should be an active objective for all businesses. Focusing on continuous improvement can enable an organization with better opportunities, flexibility, and improved overall performance. Especially with economic downfalls, the best thing for businesses to do would be being able to adapt to new market situations.

5. Factual approach.

In a fast-paced workplace, a logical approach to a business involving data and analysis may be made without proper thought. A quality management system would be able to help make business decisions with clarity.

Quality principles are a large part of establishing proper quality management. Maintaining these principles may sometimes seem like hard work, that’s why Harrington Group International created quality management software. With the use of HGI quality management systems, companies can be ensured all the relevant principles are put into action to make sure organizations are able to improve overall performance, standards, and output.

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