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Quality Management System Software Features

Quality Management System Software Features

Overview of QMS Software: 

Quality management system software is a cloud-based system that helps enterprises streamline the quality workflow, improve the management process, and ensure that the products manufactured match the end user’s quality standard. 

The QMS software is responsible for improving the quality of the process to achieve satisfying outcomes. The main modules of QMS software are; audit management software, management of risk, management of supplier quality, and control of the statistical process.

QMS software provides a way of documenting all company procedures, processes, and all responsibilities in a central hub. Any user of your team can access this data, modify it, and keep a tight handle on quality control. 

If you want to maintain a standard of quality in your products, then integrate QMS software into your business. Doing documentation related tasks manually is time-consuming and expensive. The software automates arduous manual processes so you can minimize the risk for the future. 

Outdated documentation can significantly impact the product outcome. And it is very difficult to find out the issue manually. A QMS software alerts you about the issue and also highlights the improvement areas. For example, if the same complaint appears from several customers, they will display it on the QMS software, and you can promptly update it. As you all know, if you want to lead the market, you have first to gain the customers’ trust. 

Features of Quality Management Software:

1. Audit management 

This feature allows you to track all audit documents and tasks by keeping records of internal and external parties and allowing manufacturers to analyze the auditors’ effectiveness. 

2. Complaint management 

It enables you to investigate, respond, and resolve the complaints of the customers. 

3.Risk management 

This feature offers you an advanced platform for manufacturers to easily evaluate risk by standardizing the risk assessment and documentation. 

4. Document control 

It allows manufacturers to organize all the documents and reports in a standardized form. The files contain data about the product design to standard compliance documentation, all in a searchable way. The Enterprise- QMS software comes with a search and filter option that enables you to search for any report in just one click. 

5. Corrective and Preventive Action

It enables you to track and manage CAPA through automatic routing of corrective or preventive action to the manager so he can approve or reject the action. 

6. Non-Conformance Management 

Another significant feature of this software that allows you to capture, resolve, and track defects in the supply chain is non-conformance management. 

7. E-signatures 

It enables you to sign the approval, review the documents and reports with electronic signatures. 

8. Email notification 

It allows you to send the report to your team members within the QMS software. 

9. User dashboard 

You can create a personalized dashboard that matches your team members’ requirements and offers a seamless quality management experience. 

10. Role-based security 

It enables you to make sure you have given the right access to the reports to the right users. External parties can review the reports without disturbing your internal data. 

Now that you understand the importance of quality management system software. Keep in mind; the wrong QMS software can ruin your management operations as well. It is vital to choose a cloud-based QMS software that has gained huge credibility in the market and encompasses the features mentioned above. The Enterprise- QMS is the top-rated software launched by HGI Business Solutions. With this software, you can continuously improve the quality by centralizing operations and quickly make the changes. And compared to other software, it is relatively cost-effective. To know more about this software, you can request a free trial as well.