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Is your Document Control Software and System Doing The Job?

Every organization is built on establishing procedures specific to their company that would help initiate a high level of compliance and quality overall. With that being said, every company has documentation that needs to be conducted to make sure it is ensured. Document control is designed to ensure that every organization is able to keep its essential company documents well organized and in a secure location. If an organization decides to obtain a Document Control Software System for managing and controlling company documents, it is absolutely vital that these systems are efficient. The following are three considerations of what an effective document control system would look like.

1. Workflow for all types of documents.

There are multiple different types of documents in a company. Those differences should be taken into consideration. An efficient Document Control Software system would be able to facilitate dedicated workflows for all different types of documents while being able to manage and automate processes effectively.

2. Adequate business rules for review and approval.

A Document Control Software system should be able to route documents along with the right workflow. There has to be a process of approval and review and should go through different phases of the workflow. Documents should be routed to the next phase of the workflow consecutively. However, it should also have intelligent business rules associated with the workflow.

3. Data security.

With just about any system, the ability to ensure data security and document management is vital. A company should make sure the right levels in the system can access, approve, and maintain the necessary documents while preserving data integrity.

If your document control system is missing out on these vital attributes, it might be time to upgrade your software. If you haven’t heard of a document control software and think it might just be right for your organization, contact Harrington Group International for more information on your purchase.