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HGI’s Training Manager Software System 4: The Game Changing Training Management Software

For any enterprise, keeping employee skillsets up to date is a critical metric that should be met. Updated skillsets for employees translate to many things over the long or the short term. It may amount to earning a critical certification that was needed and meeting customer requirements better. Similarly, updated employee skillsets translate to higher employee safety standards in some professions.

HGI’s Training Manager Software System 4: The Game Changing Training Management Software
Leadership man training businessmen and businesswomen in conference room.

Enterprises frequently come to recognize that paper-based methods for managing training schedules appear to be inadequate. A software solution that manages training schedules should be a significant improvement over the paper-based methods. With these ideas in mind, Harrington Group International (HGI) came up with a premier software solution – Training Manager Software, for addressing these problems. The software solution is now in its fourth iteration.

Harrington Group’s Training Management Software Solution comes by as an indispensable tool in numerous cases. The solution manages and tracks training in ways that ensure high levels of accountability. The degree of connectivity that the solution ensures with executives, employees, and managers all in the loop is exceptional.

Training Manager Software System 4

Use of Training Manager Software System 4 allows one to track, schedule, and report over certifications and employee training. Similarly, information sharing over qualifications for workgroups, contractors, and individual employees is simplified. The Training Management Software further simplifies pulling up historical records and maintains a training history for all employees.

Among other top features of Training Manager Software System 4 is that the solution facilitates the creation and management of training courses, and identifies mandatory training, untrained employees, expired certifications, and the certifications that will expire soon. With these features, HGI’s training management solution is a strong safeguard against lapses and downtimes. This keeps employee and organizational productivity levels high.

Among the other top features of the solution are advanced reporting, adjustable data entry sequence, customizable fields, and sophisticated filters and sorts. This ensures that searching stays quick and specific and brings precision to the work of training managers. Whenever there are changes in skill requirements at an enterprise, it calls for a dynamic workforce. The use of the Training Management Software by HGI induces training flexibility and accountability within your enterprise. This yields a competitive edge. Training Manager Software System 4 helps highlight the requirements of a training program. This helps formulate the program and also identify the employees who require training. It is in the format of cost-effective desktop software for SMBs.

The significance of employee training cannot be undermined in the present-day business environment. Business software may be advanced, but ultimately, your employees will be using the software. They’d be responsible for the efficiency of work and maintaining the software. High competency levels are hence called for, which is the best safeguard against implementation errors. One of the prime reasons why using an automated training management tool becomes essential is that training activities should be in close compliance with safety procedures. This brings about a reduction in the need for manual processes and enhances employee and workplace safety standards.