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Audit Master 4: Prime Capabilities of HGI’s New Audit Management Software

Harrington Group International (HGI) is your trusted partner for internal audit software solutions at your organization. Over the years, we have developed innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions that simplify quality management at your organization and deliver measurable results.

Our solutions mitigate the time involved and the costs associated with quality management. Real-time information regarding recurring pain points, made in easy access for a user at any place, helps formulate business-critical decisions.

Audit Master Management Software
Audit Master Management Software by HGI is a desktop software system. It is a preferred system for monitoring and management of company audits. With the use of audit management software, enterprises are empowered to span the scope of an audit. With this software, defining an audit frequency is simplified, and users can also log in responsibilities and requirements when conducting audits.
Let us take a look at the top features enabled by Harrington Group’s audit management software:

Audit List
The audit management solution will deliver a list of all audits that are completed, outstanding, or overdue. Locating audits is further simplified for status checks or uploading relevant data. The solution brings speed and efficiency to the processes.

Audit record detail
HGIs Audit Management Software features a data entry form that has numerous fields for describing the audit. This makes the identification of the auditor and the status of completion easier to identify.

Audit Item List
This is a checklist that finalizes an audit for display, in the event the items pass or fail. The audit management software makes it easier to create notes on why the items pass or fail.

Advanced Reports
One can generate and print detailed reports over audits, auditors, audit items, and upcoming audits.

Audit Master Management Software is simple to use. But a user can also access HTML help as and when required.

Filtering and Sorting
Filtering capabilities within our software are robust, powerful, multi-level, and easy to use.

User Maintenance
Users operate the system based upon privileges such as view, update, and delete, granted by an administrator.

User Workgroups
Users are placed in workgroups. Access or restrict privileges for the entire workgroups are defined altogether.

Customizable Fields
Fields are customizable. They can be edited, removed, or added based upon a user’s requirements.

Email Support
Audit Master’s new version, Audit Master 4, facilitates email communication. Users are empowered to send out updates and notifications to the parties involved.

ISO Audit Checklists
Audit Master is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Audit Calendar
Audit Calendar helps with audit scheduling and keeping track of the necessary dates and files.

Identifying areas of improvement is one of the prime focus areas of Audit Master 4. With this software’s help, precise performance details are sorted and furnished easily and enable teams to work upon long-term or immediate fixtures. The software further ensures to work well together with other software such as CAPA Software and Audit Software, procedural compliance, streamlines audit scheduling, documents corrective actions, and creates historical data. It hence comes by as an essential tool when executing a control program.